Alex Moore

Alex Moore is a senior at UMW planning to graduate May 2020 with a Computer Science major and a minor in Digital Studies. He was born and raised in Fairfax, VA. He likes to do various things in his spare time, like working on his own personal projects for writing, film and game design. He also enjoys playing video games, watching films, and listening to music. He plays Violin, Guitar, Bass and Piano. After graduation, he plans to pursue film/game design, as well as plan to do more with music composition by graduation.

Stella Swope

Stella is a sophomore who is currently pursuing a Communication and Digital Studies major. She is a videographer and video editor and hopes to be in the music entertainment business one day making music videos for artists. She also likes photography and graphic design.

Aaron Shifflett

Aaron Shifflett is a senior at the University of Mary Washington. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a focus in Communication + Digital Studies. He is from Richmond Virginia and upon graduation, he plans to move back there and find a career. In his free time, he loves to fish, hike and hang out with friends at the river.

Katie Hartraft

Katie Hartraft is a pisces INFJ … wait no … a senior studying Communication & Digital Studies along with Creative Writing. On campus, she works as a tutor in the Digital Knowledge Center. Off campus, she is a customer support specialist at Reclaim Hosting. She is a big nerd and suffers from chronic “I naturally make jokes and try to be funny but I also want people to take me seriously” syndrome, but she’s learning to cope. In her free time she likes to paint and read and care for her houseplants and a bunch of other things that sound superficial when typed out like this.

Danielle E. Beard

My name is Danielle E. Beard, I am a senior at UMW pursuing my bachelors degree in Communication and Digital Studies with a minor in Business Administration. I am one of 8 children, I love to play rugby, I have two cats and a puppy, and I also have 3 jobs. I love food, animals, music and digital studies! I am so grateful for all the opportunities that UMW has given me and I am thrilled to see where Season 2 takes us.

Dillyn Scott

Dillyn Scott is a third year student at the University of Mary Washington. He is currently working towards a major in Communication and Digital Studies, as well as a minor in Urban Studies. Dillyn spends most of his free time playing video games, watching/playing soccer, and hiking.

Em McPhee

Hey what’s up, friends? Em loves dogs, Hawaiian shirts, and the sunshine! Catch her working as a tutor at UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center. She loves graphic design and advertising, and is majoring in Communication and Digital Studies. No, that isn’t her dog in my photo, but his name is Baxley and he is the goodest boy.

Isabelle Attard

Isabelle Attard is a senior majoring in Communication and Digital Studies. She is a peer tutor at the Digital Knowledge Center on campus. She enjoys image editing and graphic design. After graduation she hopes to go into social media marketing.

Cartland Berge (Showrunner)

a smiling man sitting in a fancy lobby with a large digital screen behind him
Cartland has worked at the University of Mary Washington since 2014, and currently serves as the Director of UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center. Before that, he spent ten years working in theater as an electrician and lighting designer in NYC, Baltimore, and Washington DC. He is the author of “The Bear and the Cub,” a three-act play telling the story of the first English play performed in the American colonies in 1665. Cartland holds a BFA in Theater Design and Technology from UNC Greensboro, and an MA in Arts Management from George Mason University. He has an 11 year old daughter who enjoys drawing and murder.