Jessica Smith

I would like to introduce you all to Jessica Smith. She has never done any part-time job because she wanted to focus more on school. Her greatest achievement was earning a degree in General Studies. She was born in Virginia and had lived there for more than a decade. She is now a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington. She really does love to draw, paint, and mold. She is a graphic designer In Fredericksburg. Her recent GPA is around 3.0. Jessica Smith’s role is an audio director for an upcoming movie, “Madame Web.” Her role is to give out audio design guidelines, sets goals and deadlines for her members. Her and her team’s name was published for the audio on the credit scene of “Peter Pan & Wendy.”


Cece Ward

Cece Ward (she/they) is currently a junior at Mary Washington, studying English: Creative Writing. She dreams of experimenting with creative mediums in class and expanding into a jellyfish of creativity instead of limiting herself to an acorn as well as just observing and taking inspiration from others in class. Outside of writing (poetry and sometimes fiction), she likes to frolic in nature, make art and outrageous fashion choices, dance around and spend time with fellow earthings, consume television, music and other mechanisms of storytelling!

Fiona Archer

A young woman with fair skin and brown hair is wearing a black dress, gold hoop earrings, and a necklace, and she is leaning her head to the left and smiling wide

Fiona Archer is a senior Communications and Digital Studies major at the University of Mary Washington. She did theater for all four years of high school and maintains a passion for the art of storytelling. When Fiona is not in class, she is more than likely either painting, coloring, or recounting a mundane day to friends in strictly hyperbolic terms.

Lauren King

Lauren King is a senior here at Mary Wash studying communications and digital studies. She is planning to finish her courses and graduate summer of twenty-twenty four. Lauren is originally from a small island called Chincoteague Island, Va. In high school, she participated in a few theatrical productions. Last semester, she was in a video production class and had so much fun with it! Lauren is super excited to start this class, learn different roles throughout the process. etc!


My dog.

Samantha Alison is a junior at the University of Mary Washington studying communication with digital studies. She is committed to excellence in her work.

Vivian Reinhardt

Vivian Reinhardt (she/they) is a junior Communications and Digital Studies major. She has experience both on and off-screen and considers themself to be a jack of all trades. On campus, she works for New Student Programs and the Concierge Service staff. When they’re not on campus, you can find her trying out a new fiber art, reading, or trying to convince their friends to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Malachi Geter

Malachi Geter, a versatile Communication and Digital Studies major with a strong foundation in Computer Science, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies with effective communication strategies. Malachi is driven to achieve academic and professional success.
From an Advanced Diploma at Riverbend High School to current studies at the University of Mary Washington, Malachi has honed skills in active listening, resource and project management, and proficiency in English and Spanish. Passionate about technology and demonstrating strong leadership, Malachi is dedicated to excellence, making him a valuable asset to any team. Eager to contribute to organizations valuing innovation and diversity, Malachi is actively seeking opportunities to apply his unique background and abilities for impactful contributions. Let’s connect and explore how Malachi Geter’s skills can drive success for your team.

Maha Momtaz

Maha Momtaz is a Studio Art student at UMW. She is heavily involved in Student New Programs at her university where she coordinates programs for incoming students. On top of that, she also manages their social media accounts. Maha runs her own small business called, Maha’s Giftshop where she sells her art pieces and homemade jewelry.


Torres (they/them) is a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington, majoring in Marketing with minors in Entrepreneurship and Digital Studies. They are a creative with a passion for photography and a talent for business. With a background in social media management and marketing assistance, they aim to combine experience and innovation to break into the digital marketing world.

Sam Slate

A long-haired guy, early 20s, stands on a stage, holding his bass guitar outwards toward the crowd.

Sam Slate is the bass player in the band Her Majesty and is obtaining an Audio Production degree. Slate is the lead sound engineer for Dodd Auditorium and in 2023, his band released a 14- song full length record with Her Majesty. Slate aims to bring a higher degree of quality to both live sound situations, as well as in the studio. When he’s not traveling to record or play music, Slate enjoys playing video games and learning other instruments.

Kathryn Durham

Selfie of Blonde female with glasses in a pink shirt

Kathryn Durham is a communications and digital studies major. She is a senior graduating from Mary Washington in May. On campus Kathryn is involved in New Student Programs and the Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA). For SAA she serves as the Vice President of Social Media and Marketing. Outside of school Kathryn is a nanny and enjoys spending time outside and with friends.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy attends the University of Mary Washington pursuing his degree in Historic Preservation, a minor in Digital Studies, and a certification in Geographic Informational Systems. He has had a long-time love for video editing and production that has only grown with his participation in digital studies classes. He hopes that the skills acquired from the digital studies classes can be applied in the Historic Preservation field. In Michael’s free time, he will be found biking, hiking, rock climbing, playing video games (currently playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps), or watching a movie.

Taylor Meyers

Taylor Meyers is a Senior graduating with a communications and digital studies major. She has a very outgoing personality but doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention so she prefers to work behind the scenes.

Adam or “Bane0Fate”

Adam at a "First Friday" in downtown Fredericksburg working on some "business moves".

Adam (Bane0Fate) is a junior majoring in Communications and digital studies at University of Mary Washington. He was dancing professionally over at DanceOn from 2015-2018. Dance and videography/photography are what he is best know for! When Adam is not at UMW, he is either teaching over at a local dance studio or getting footage for his YouTube channel!

Ben Johnson

Picture of 21 year-old Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a senior and Geospatial Analysis major at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. He has taken several theatre and acting courses throughout high school and college, and took a video editing course, Intro to Video Production, in the fall of 2023. Johnson is also well-versed in the use of Adobe software and GIS technology. He also is skilled in the use of DSLR camera and currently owns a Canon Rebel T7 kit and tripod.

One of Johnson’s best works is the short film titled “The Ghosts of Mary Washington” that he created for his Video Production course alongside fellow students Bryson Hedges and Bill Pilson. One of his personal favorite pieces is a movie poster for an unmade sequel to the 2002 film “Star Trek: Nemesis” titled “Star Trek: Resurrection”.

Ben’s favorite television shows are “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Jem and the Holograms.” His all-time favorite movie is “Spider-Man 2” (2004). His favorite hobby is playing video games like “The Sims” and “Madden NFL.”

Johnson is currently working on a couple of fanfiction stories that he plans on possibly publishing to, the world’s biggest fanfiction website.


Image is of Steve sitting in a red and black chair next to a Maine Coon cat who is also sitting the same red and black chair. Steve and the cat are sitting in a room with a hardwood floor and windows. The room is filled with cat scratchers and toys. Steve's arm is extended out to pet the top of the cat heads. Steve is dressed in blue jeans, a blue shirt, and has blonde hair while the Maine Coon  is all white expect for the gray spots on its head and back.

Steve is senior here at the University of Mary Washington who is obtaining their degree in psychology with a minor in digital studies. Steve is hoping to integrate both psychology and digital studies in his future endeavors as he is interested in marketing, advertising, and web design. In his free time, Steve likes to collect NBA cards, pet cats, and listen to music.


Alex Farkas is an amateur video editor and production assistant. He is most erudite in video editing of any genre and was the lead editor for the morning show programs for his middle and high school. Additionally, he works on his personal YouTube channel. He hopes to work in the professional film production industry someday. Despite having several hundred hours in Davinci Resolve, Alex enjoys playing online multiplayer video games and reading manga in his spare time. As such, he is always open to any new stories to enjoy. He is currently knee-deep in editing a new video highlighting some of the best animation in one of his favorite anime, Attack on Titan.


Heavyset girl with medium-length brown hair, white turtleneck sweater, and blue baseball cap smiling into the camera in an outdoor setting

Mady is an Are We Live? alumni returning to the cast and crew for Season France. While in school, she studied Communication and Digital Studies, but also spent a lot of her time working as a Lead Consultant for the Writing Center and assistant designing for the Theatre department’s mainstage productions. In her free time, Mady enjoys making crafts, playing board games, and watching reality TV competition shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race and Survivor.

Eniya Cropper

a headshot of Eniya Cropper

Eniya Cropper is a Studio Art major and Digital Studies minor at the University of Mary Washington. She works in animation, photography, film, editing, and a variety of other traditional mediums. She aims to recreate the feelings of awe that comes from childlike wonder through her work. She’s a self proclaimed jack of all trades: dabbling in baking, music, gardening, and gaming. Eniya is currently working on an animated short and mini documentary. She resides in Fredericksburg with her immediate family and two beloved dogs, Diamond and Onyx.

AJ Gluchowski

AJ is sitting on the floor on the right of the image in a pink sweatshirt with two dogs to his left.

This is AJ Gluchowski! His pronouns are He/Him, and he’s from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania! He’s awkwardly tall but blissfully good-looking, or so he’s been told. He is a senior, majoring in Communication and Digital Studies, the president of the UMW Eagle Pipe Band, and he works with Student Activities and Engagement, New Student Programs, and the Digital Knowledge Center. He’s just returned from a semester in Scotland, and he’s ready and thrilled to take his hobby of content creation to Paris!