Season 1 Cast and Crew


Abigail Brock is a senior triple major at UMW. She works at the DKC and as an RA. She loves to read, hike, and pet animals.

Alex Caldas

Alex Caldas is from Purcellville, VA. He is a Communications and Digital Studies major. He plays golf for fun and for business. He has worked as a Digital Marketing Services Firm Intern and plans on doing Marketing through Video Production.


Anna is a senior double majoring in Biology and Communication & Digital Studies, with a minor in neuroscience. In her free time she can be found playing boardgames and video-editing. Anna hails from King George, VA.

Cartland Berge (Instructor)

Cartland Berge has worked at University of Mary Washington since 2014 as the Building Manager for the Hurley Convergence Center. Before that, he spent ten years working in theater as an electrician and lighting designer in NYC, Baltimore, and Washington DC. He is the author of “The Bear and the Cub,” a three-act play telling the story of the first English play performed in the American colonies in 1665. Cartland holds a BFA in Theater Design and Technology from UNC Greensboro, and an MA in Arts Management from George Mason University. He has an 8 year old daughter who really likes YouTube videos.

Cherish Amari

Hello! My name is Cherish, I am 23 and will be graduating from UMW with my B.A in Communication and Digital Studies. I have an amazing 2 year old daughter and am recently engaged. Excitedly anticipating graduation and the many new beginnings to come!

Elizabeth F.

Elizabeth, originally from Richmond, Virginia, is a Communications and Digital Studies major and will be graduating from the University of Mary Washington in May 2019. She loves to spend time with her family, friends, and her dog, Lily, creative writing, and watching way too many shows on Netflix. Her favorite TV shows include Riverdale, Friends, and countless others. She also loves to learn and create any chance she gets.


Ellie Whatley is a senior CDS major living in Fredericksburg, she has 2 white German Shephard mixes. Ellie also has a full time job at a restaurant in Downtown Fredericksburg as well as an internship with Wedding Lily Events. In her free time she likes to nap and read.

Haley Harkins

Haley Harkins is a Senior CDS major graduating this may. She recently got a job working with a digital media company in downtown Fredericksburg called Hyperbole, she will continue work there full time after graduation. In her spare time Haley likes to stay active and be creative in any way.


Jacs is a Senior in college currently studying Computer Science. Although she is in a very science based career, Jacs values creative outlets and hopes to pursue a career in Video Game Design or Web Development. In her free time, which is a rare event, Jacs loves to write, scroll through Pinterest, knit, and play video games(obviously).


Jenn is a Junior at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). She is majoring in Communication and Digital Studies, a very flexible and unique major at UMW. Moreover, Jenn is a Peer Tutor at the Digital Knowledge Center, UMW’s digital skills tutoring center. She is also an aide at the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT). In her spare time you can find Jenn watching documentaries or watching ice hockey.


Khadija is from Alexandria, Virginia, but has planted roots in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is attending UMW majoring in Leadership and Management. While earning a Real Estate license and practicing as a Virginia Realtor, she also works with Virginia Student Environmental Coalition. In addition to her Educational Studies, Community Involvement, and growing in the Real Estate industry, Khadija actively enjoys working out/sports to manage stress and hanging outdoors.


Laura is a senior at UMW majoring in Digital Journalism. Over the summer, she interned with National Geographic as a digital content producer. Currently, she is a freelance writer with the Free Lance-Star and Falls Church News-Press as well as an intern with The Hill this summer. In her free time, she likes playing with dogs and go to baseball games.


Nora Whelan is majoring in Music with a concentration in Tech and Composition. Nora works as a Sound Technician and has worked at Richmond’s TheatreLAB and Dodd Auditorium. In her free time, Nora likes to play with her band, participate in Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow casts, and dote on her cat, Orange Floyd.


She is a physics major at UMW. She does digital art, cosplay, and runs a small business on etsy called “Plushies on Parade”.


Creator/ maker / innovator


My name is Matthew Sanders but you can call me Sanders, or just The Colonel. I love everything that includes creativity and art and i love do said things every second of the day. I am a photographer, cinematographer and an amateur creative that is always finding new ways to create and make in this day and age. Honestly i just want to keep doing the things i love for the rest of my life, and keep striving to learn from others. So if you see a goofy funny kid going around with a camera taking pictures of random things like a madman. That’s probably your guy Sanders.


Shane Thin is a CDS major at UMW, set to graduate in May 2020. He is skilled in audio production and video editing and exercises these skills quite often in his collaborative projects. He likes to experiment with the cutting edge of technology and plays piano and video games on the side.


Mike is a senior + doing Communication with a digital studies minor and a computer science minor. I am a book worm and I like tabletop games, blue oyster cult is my favorite band.


Victoria Larimer is a junior Communications and Digital Studies major with a minor in Computer Science at the University of Mary Washington. She was born and raised in Fredericksburg, VA. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys dancing with UMW’s Performing Arts Company, reading books, and binging her favorite shows.